Family Portrait Event Fundraiser

Currently booking Spring 2017. Please contact us for details.

What is photo fundraising and why is it a great school fundraiser?

A practical and popular way to raise valuable funds for your organization. 

What really sets us apart from traditional fundraising is there is no need for children or parents to sell in order to fundraise! Family Portraits require minimal effort and time from the Fundraising committee, and achieves great results.

How Does it work?

Money is raised through ticket sales for portrait sittings.  You choose what to charge, $15,$20 or $25 per family & 100% of the money from tickets sales are retained by your organization! Plus we offer a 15% return on portrait package sales, which include a variety of photographs at a fantastic price.

Orders are taken immediately after the photo session and each participating family receives a Studio Quality 8×10 ” Family Portrait complimentary from their personalized session

Where do we offer this service?

Currently we are located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. We service Toronto and surrounding areas only.

fundraising ideas

A simple fun fundraising ideas

We bring the studio to you!

We come to your location on your selected school fundraiser Family Portrait event night date. We take several poses of each family during their photo session. Photographs may be purchased on the same evening or at a later time from our website. We guarantee there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to buy.

A photography fundraiser provides a convenient way for families to get together for individual and family group portraits in an environment where they are comfortable. It is perfect way to bring members of your community together to raise money for your group.

Our portrait fundraisers reach all groups such as churches, schools, sports teams, youth groups, school clubs, businesses, Little League, and so many other organizations to help them raise the funds they need. We are a dedicated company there to help you every step of the way through your fundraising process. If you have any further questions about our school fundraisers, please feel free to get in touch with us. Contact Us or phone us at (416) 890-7866

A great way to have professional portraits done while also supporting your organization.

It’s Fundraising made Simple!

A great way to have Quality Professional Fun Family & Children’s Portraits while raising funds for your school.

Help out your school, daycare, or group by offering a gift everyone will love and cherish. School photo fundraising is the most innovative and successful way for your organization to raise much-needed funds.

Capture the Moment before it slips away…

School Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions

We have a school Photography company already
PhotoWorks does not photograph school day photos, PhotoWorks specializes in the family portrait experience!

We have already decided on our Fundraisers for this year
Keep what is already successful for your school! PhotoWorks can easily with very little effort compliment already existing scheduled fundraisers.
Portraits are a unique family oriented service, with the benefit of raising funds for your school!

What does the school have to do ?
Very little. We encourage parent participation.

Do we have to sign people up or schedule them?
No – Parents log in online and pick a portrait time that suites their schedule.

Do we have to collect orders?
Orders are done on Portrait night through PhotoWorks, no additional work or handling required by the council, parents or school office!

Do we have to distribute Packages?
No – PhotoWorks ships the orders direct to the Families home, school does not have to handle or distribute the orders

When is the Best time to run a Portrait Evening?
Typically schools hold Portrait nights November to early December, just in time for the holidays!

How do we get more information?
Typically we present to the council but dependent on Council Meeting Dates and Elections , etc., we can also meet designated members of the council at any time. Fall is a busy time for all!

Contact us as we would love to meet with you and go over any questions you may have.